Leading Edge Computing in Cloud Services


  • Focus Media

    A P2P advertising media company, we developed the earliest exposure proof of work technology.


    a smartphone displaying 'Focus Media'
  • 2010

    a location pin in Hong Kong

    iSunCloud - Hong Kong

    Establish the iSunCloud development team in Hong Kong.

  • iSunCloud - Beijing, Hong Kong

    focused on the research and development of distributed storage technology.


    a hand holding a smartphone that displays cloud storage
  • 2015

    a location pin in Taiwan

    iSunCloud - Taiwan

    Unveil iSunCloud's first generation, founding the iSunCloud in Taipei. Assemble a team to integrate blockchain, propelling iSunCloud into new realms: real-time audit chains, centralized services merged with decentralized credit, and pioneering decentralized finance technologies.

  • iSunCloud - Taiwan

    integrated distributed storage and blockchain to achieve timed revenue-sharing streaming media.


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  • 2017-2018

    a laptop displaying financial statements

    iSunCloud - Taiwan

    Collaborated with academia to implement the BOLT second-layer blockchain solution and accounting auditing technology using cryptographic audit algorithms.

  • iSunCloud - Taiwan

    Launch the Mastercard that’s developed by TideBit and iSunOne, leveraging an integrated blockchain settlement system, to make cryptocurrency applications a tangible part of everyday life.


    a hand holding a credit card
  • 2019-2021

    a PC displaying 'zero-knowledge proof'

    iSunCloud - Taiwan

    Improved BOLT with zero-knowledge proof technology to enhance privacy in blockchain.

  • iSunCloud - Taiwan

    We currently are researching and developing AI technology running on blockchain nodes to achieve AI-based accounting and auditing solutions.


    a robot touching a tablet PC